Rules and regulation:

  • Entry is free but only students of Schools, Colleges and Universities are eligible for this section.
  • Participant must be within age 12-22years
  • Films must be shot in a mobile phone.
    • Videos can be edited on the telephone or otherwise.
  • Unedited videos are also accepted.
  • Each film must no longer than 60 seconds. Opening and/or closing credits are not mandatory. If added up to an additional 10 seconds in total.
  • Sound may be recorded using external recording devices but no visual effects during post-production.
  • The Video produced by the Entrant must be an individual creation. It must have been directed by the Entrant him/herself.

The Entrant is asked to follow the following guidance when making the video:

  • Formats MP4 (H264)/ MOV
  • Resolution 16/9: 1280×720 pixels per line or 1920×1080 pixels per line

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